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Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^<

Moonlight: Beth (In Your Arms)

Author: chris4short
Title: In Your Arms
Song By: Hellogoodbye
Rating: PG
TTWF: romance
Spoilers: None
Character/Pairing: Beth Turner
Number: 11/50
Word Count: 328
Written for: songfic50

She watched the landscape of the city as she hit traffic. A perk of living in the city was the minimal outlaying traffic, but for her job, well, she’d be at he desk when she was at her desk. A reporter needed to go to the place of the incident, and lately a lot more had been outside the city than near her office. Her car had become a mobile office of sorts, not something she wanted to do, and not the place she wanted to be.

There were a lot of places Beth wanted to be at that moment actually. Her desk was pretty low on the list. It never gave her coffee, a rub on the back, a “welcome back” or an easy hug that just made her melt. Really the hug came first.

Strong arms, a steady grip, the knowledge that this man would never leave. Beth sighed, why couldn’t she be heading there to spend the next 5 hours? Next on her list would be the “welcome back” with a dash of smile. There was something about that combination that Beth had almost expected to be there every time she came home, or every time she saw him. They were both so different, yet so comforting.

Coffee and a back rub tumbled down the list. They were great for a longer lasting comfort, or in coffee’s case, for her to continue to work longer. Beth drummed her fingers on the steering wheel. She could use a coffee refill right about now.

Finally traffic moved and she found herself driving back to the office. She bit her lip as she passed the office; a few more minutes wouldn’t kill her story. She found herself really needing to be in the arms of someone who cared more than her latest assignment or that she was able to look at the skyline for the last 45 minutes.

She needed him and the calmness he provided.
Tags: character: beth turner, fanfic: moonlight, genre: romance, prompt tables: moonlight, rated: pg

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