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Moonlight: Josef/Sarah (You Put a Spell on Me)

Author: chris4short
Title: You Put a Spell on Me
Song By: Devil Doll
Rating: PG
TTWF: ust/romance
Spoilers: Ep. 10: Sleeping Bueaty
Character/Pairing: Josef/Sarah
Number: 16/50
Word Count: 471
Written for: songfic50

Josef closed the door, letting Sarah rest in peace once more. He leaned against the door for a moment and gave a small, sad smile. So many years had passed and yet they had accomplished one thing they both wanted: they’d been together.

Going into the living room, he pulled a record from one of the bookshelves and put it on. He didn’t know, or care what it was; his collection would soothe his over active brain. He had too much on his mind to do much more than sit back and gazed out to the garden.

The record broke into his quiet reflection, and it was the sultry voice that lulled him into deeper thoughts.

If I can’t have you, I can pretend I do.
Because no one makes me feel the way you do.

He had his share of women through the years, and had even seen the occasional steady girlfriend now. But the one thing that seemed to ground him was the home in New York. It held some of his more prized and oldest objects, from things he owned before he was turned to a few priceless pieces of art, which came to him under some shady circumstances.

And when you touch me, it sinks into my veins.
Oh wouldn’t you please, come and visit me.
You put a spell on me.

And Sarah. She had become a beacon of both hope and fear. He saw the tragedy of love lying lifeless for the past 50 years. He saw her as the Juliet to his Romeo, and had tried to tell Mick to give up his quest for whatever he hoped lay beyond immortality.

Josef ran his hands over his face, scrubbing at thoughts. What would have happened if he had never met Sarah? What if she never guessed and then confronted him with his secret? What if the spell she had seemed to put on his very soul had not been cast? Would she be a grandmother, looking after her grandchildren, knowing she had lived a long life? Would she be sitting in the garden thinking of flower arrangements and dances, men wooed, love lost, the world quietly passing on?

What if he had never known that such unending love, self-sacrificing and generous beyond repayment, could touch his life? Would he be a bitter shell of a man, doomed to walk day after day as a vampire far from a loving touch?

You put a spell on me, without asking me.
You so impolitely walked into my dreams.

The song ended and Josef looked up once more at the record player. So much had happened, so much he couldn’t take back. All he could do was live on, hoping someday something would happen and Sarah would return to him.

And they could continue life forever. Together.
Tags: character: josef kostan, fanfic: sg1, genre: ust, misc: song fic, prompt tables: moonlight, rated: pg

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