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Torchwood Tosh {Ordinary Day}

Author: chris4short
Title: Ordinary Day
Song By: Dolores O'Riordan (of the Cranberries)
Rating: PG
TTWF: Fluff
Spoilers: None
Character/Pairing: Tosh
Number: 1/50
Word Count: 316

Slipping on the coat, she turned once more to the mirror and checked her self. Why she bothered with this routine she wasn’t really sure. Nothing ever really stayed put where she so meticulously placed it. There was always something to make her wonder why she didn’t just throw on a old pair of baggy jeans and a sweater, all be damned, and be done with it.

Grabbing her bag, Toshiko locked her front door, and walked down the short alley to the main road, joining a few others who were heading to their work also. But Tosh imagined none had such amazing jobs as she. Oh a few were computer geniuses like her, but none had to use that knowledge to save the world or the people of Cardiff almost everyday from rifts, aliens, or man eating creatures, nor have to navigate the roads of Cardiff from tracking devices, or locate run away entities that could invade some unsuspecting person.

Hopping on the train, she made her way to work, wondering what would be waiting on her desk when she got there. Always something different. And Tosh found that was something really… ordinary in her extra ordinary job. She could count on Jack piling more work on her, Owen to snip at her, Gwen to try to cheer her up and Ianto to bring her the endless refills of coffee he brewed just for her.

Stepping off the train, walking to the Hub, she found herself studying the people she passed. They knew nothing of the daily operations of Torchwood, and most would be scared shitless if they did know. Tosh smiled as she walked into the small shack that was the secret entrance to the Hub.

“You ok?” Ianto asked, looking up from his paper.

She moved around the counter and gave him smile, adjusting her bag on her shoulder. “Just an ordinary day.”
Tags: genre: fluff, misc: song fic, rated: pg, short fic: torchwood, writer: chris4short

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